About Cadmus

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At Cadmus, we're committed to improving teaching and learning in Higher Education

Our journey started in 2015 as a research partnership with The University of Melbourne. While we began by solving problems related to academic integrity and contract cheating, in working closely with our partners, we quickly understood that these issues were symptoms of a larger problem — authentic student learning.

With assessment being a primary driver of student learning, we shifted our focus to support assessment holistically; balancing the needs of students, teachers, and faculty to transform assessment at scale. It's been a wonderful learning journey, and we're excited to continue improving the quality of education globally.

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And we're just getting started

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Our Principles

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01/ Partnership

We partner with institutions to solve their biggest challenges.

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02/ Research

We contribute consistently to research that supports the Higher Education sector.

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03/ Technology

We use technology to improve the quality of teaching and learning.

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04/ Change

We support institutions to drive assessment change at all levels.

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05/ Standards

We work with institutions to maintain the highest education standards.

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06/ Transparency

We share analytics with institutions to unlock insight and inform decision making.

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