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Partnership and support at every step

Whether it's change management, integration or onboarding expertise, our team is here to help. We understand your goals and work together to ensure Cadmus is a success.

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Our services

We partner with institution leaders and IT teams to ensure Cadmus is rolled out successfully. We'll support you through:

  • Integration
  • Unit Selection & Adoption
  • Product Onboarding
  • Reporting & Feedback
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Change management and implementation expertise

We know it's tricky to drive change in an institution, which is why we work together to ensure everyone is aligned, feels supported, and is set up for success.

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Hands on learning design and product training

We work closely with educators to ensure every assessment is designed to achieve institutional goals, learning outcomes and student needs.

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Increase staff assessment design capability

With access to our training, staff stay up-to-date with assessment best practice. And by partnering with internal learning design teams we amplify efforts.

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Our support

We offer best in class support across your whole institution. Support is always available for:

  • Students
  • Academics and Teaching Teams
  • Learning Support Teams
  • IT & Security Teams
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Reliable first-level support

Teachers and students have access to our incredible Support Team via our in-app and email channels, providing quick resolutions to questions and problems.

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Comprehensive training resources

From detailed how-to guides and video tutorials to assessment design resources and articles, self-service help is always available for students and teachers.

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Support for internal teams

We partner with internal IT and Learning Support teams to ensure they have the skills and knowledge they need to work with students and teachers using Cadmus.

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A photo of Patrick Stoddart from The University of Melbourne

Cadmus is one of our most responsive and engaged TEL vendors. Those who administer learning and teaching technologies at other institutions will appreciate what this truly means in a practical sense.

Patrick Stoddart

Senior Manager of Academic & Learning Systems Support

The University of Melbourne

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