Accessibility Compliance Statement

Delivering a great experience to all our users, regardless of disability or circumstance, is a core principle that underpins how we approach design, development, and support at Cadmus. This statement outlines the current compliance with Web Content Accessibility Guidelines (WCAG) 2.1 AA, and the steps to be taken to ensure that Cadmus reaches and maintains full compliance.

Accessibility Audits

In order to identify areas of non-compliance, accessibility compliance audits are conducted regularly across the Cadmus platform, using Google Lighthouse and Accessibility Insights for Web. The last audit was completed in March 2023. The results of this audit have been prioritised in the implementation plan below based on their severity, impact on accessibility, and ease of remediation.

If you’d like to understand the details of our most recent accessibility audit, please contact

Current Compliance and Roadmap

While we meet the majority of WCAG 2.1 AA standards, we are still working towards full compliance in the following areas of the Cadmus Student Environment:

Improve colour contrast (WCAG 1.4)


  • Publish guidance for users on how to create accessible rich-text content in Cadmus assessment instructions and submissions.

Expected completion by November 2023

Improve focus and hover states across the application (WCAG 2.4)


  • Update focus style for better visibility.

  • Add automatic focus for certain menu opening operations.

Expected completion by November 2023

Improve screen reader readability (WCAG 4.1)


  • Review all tooltips for descriptiveness.

Expected completion by November 2023

Improve keyboard navigation (WCAG 2.1)


  • Add arrow key navigation for all radio button menus.

  • Remove any keyboard traps within menus.

Expected completion by November 2023

Tablet device support for students


  • Responsive layout support for tablet-sized devices (e.g. iPads, Android tablets).

  • Improve toolbar usability for touch devices.

Expected completion by March 2024

Our Ongoing Commitment

Achieving accessibility is an ongoing process, and we will ensure that our product remains accessible by building new features to meet accessibility standards from the beginning, conducting regular accessibility audits, addressing new issues as they arise, and staying up-to-date with any changes to the WCAG standards.

Last updated: 19 Spetember 2023.