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At Cadmus, we’re committed to improving teaching and learning in higher education. Everything we do, we do with quality and care; from developing a product our users love, to nurturing strong relationships with our community.

We’re a team of learners, doers, and creative problem solvers, excited to make an impact and see our team grow. We’re thoughtful, kind and sometimes silly. And always here to support one another to do our best work. Join us!

An illustration of a team. There are 9 people. The scene is quite chaotic. There are people dancing, playing games, and even one person levitating in the air!


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01/ Love learning

We’re forever curious and constantly growing. We love to learn, but we love sharing our learnings even more.

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02/ Do it with quality

We’re proud of our work and hold ourselves to high standards. We strive for the best and always look to improve.

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03/ Show you care

We’re thoughtful, kind and pour love into everything we do. We like going the extra mile; for our users and each other.

A doodle illustration of a two hands shaking. Remember when we could do that before Covid?

04/ Be Resilient

Work can be tough and things don’t always go as planned — but we adapt, learn, and support each other through every challenge.

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05/ Challenge Assumptions

We use first principles thinking to solve our trickiest problems. We question everything and aren’t afraid to do things differently.

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06/ Show Humility

We put our customers, users, and team first. We respect our unique contributions and are always open to feedback.

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Are we meant to be together?

An illustration of a girl leaning back on a chair with a book resting right on her face. Maybe she fell asleep.An illustration of a guy walking, looking at his phone.An illustration of another guy. He's making a gesture with his hands. Kind of like the Fonz.An illustration of a girl cuddling her cat. I don't know who looks happier, the girl or the cat!An illustration of a guy dabbing.An illustration of a girl wearing VR gogglesAn illustration of a girl running.


We want to support everyone at Cadmus to be their best. We know our team thrives on a culture of flexibility, learning and belonging, so we want you to have the freedom to learn more, stay healthy, and take time for the things you love.

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    Work where you want

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    Learning budget

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    Laptop + tech

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    Stock purchase

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    Plenty of fun social stuff!

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If we love and support our team, I know we can build a company and product that positively impacts millions of students all over the world.

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