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Easily design authentic, learning-centred assessment with Templates. Release tasks to students with the click of a button.


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world-class support

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Solve the challenges
that matter most

Whether it's retention, student experience, or academic integrity, assessment impacts your biggest institutional challenges. Cadmus sets students up to succeed with a supportive and scaffolded assessment experience.

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The level of scaffolding and built-in support resources in Cadmus gave us confidence that we could impact more subjects than with our learning design team alone.

Dr Prue Gonzalez, Academic Lead, CSU

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Quality and
consistency at scale

Cadmus improves assessment quality through simple and scalable digital assessment reform. Easily roll out engaging and authentic assessment while ensuring alignment with your teaching and learning strategy.

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Leveraging the affordances of the Cadmus platform supports our ‘whole of institution approach’ to curriculum reform.

Professor Angela Hill, DVC-Education, ECU

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A holistic academic integrity solution

Our non-invasive approach to academic integrity ensures that learners always feel safe and supported, while providing assurance and assessment security.

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Holistic approaches are needed that balance prevention, education, and detection.

Professor Rowena Harper, Director CLT, ECU

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Learning analytics
at every level

From individual student data, to faculty-level reporting, empower your institution with Cadmus Learning Analytics. Understand engagement, inform academic integrity investigations, and gain insight into learning and assessment processes.

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Staff gain real-time, class- level actionable insight which they can draw on to better scaffold student learning.

Professor Raoul Mulder, Associate Dean, UniMelb

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Simplify workflows and reduce cost

Working in Cadmus is simple and intuitive. It’s easy to get started, meaning educators spend less time managing assessments, and students have stress-free assessment experiences.

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Cadmus provided me with greater efficiences and control, versus the paper-based process.

Michael Klaehn, Educator, QUT


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Online, global access

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LMS + Grade Book integration

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Turnitin integration

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Assessment security infrastructure

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Data protection + GDPR Compliant

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Our flexible pricing plans are designed to meet your institutional goals. We'd love to chat further to determine the right pricing for you.

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