The World’s Leading Universities Invest in Cadmus to Support Student Success in Assessment with Emergence of AI

Cadmus is pleased to announce the finalisation of our latest investment round of $2M, supported by leading higher education investors.

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The headline "The world's leading universities invest in Cadmus to support student success in assessment with emergence of AI"

Cadmus is pleased to announce the finalisation of our latest investment round supported by higher education investors, Breakthrough Victoria, and leading UK-based venture capital fund Emerge Education.

With the emergence of Artificial Intelligence (AI) language programs, Cadmus is experiencing rapid adoption, supporting universities to detect and mitigate AI misuse through long-standing academic integrity capabilities, which provide proactive learning support throughout the assessment process to avoid academic integrity breaches, rather than trying to catch misconduct at the point of submission.

Cadmus CEO, Herk Kailis, said the timely investment would support the world’s first-in-class assessment for learning platform to continue expanding into new global markets.

“Technology and innovation continue to challenge traditional teaching and learning practices in higher education, and Cadmus plays a pivotal role in supporting universities to deliver an exceptional learning and assessment experience, driving student success, inclusive teaching and learning practices, and academic integrity in an online environment.

This latest round of investment will support the ongoing expansion of Cadmus as we continue to develop our supportive and proactive assessment environment that guides students to success and deters academic misconduct such as AI misuse.”

Cadmus’ latest investment round is supported by the University of Melbourne and ASU Enterprise Partners’ RealmSpark, the venture capital group for Arizona State University.

For eight years in a row, Arizona State University has ranked No.1 in innovation by the U.S. News & World Report, and its venture capital arm RealmSpark continues its mission by accelerating the world’s best EdTech companies that seek to improve student learning and outcomes through technical innovation.

RealmSpark, Managing Director, Samantha Bradley said, “Cadmus offers a unique solution for academic institutions to deliver inclusive, high-quality assessments that ensures authenticity without impacting student experience.

In line with our mission of scaling access and improving learner outcomes, we see Cadmus as a way to increase reach and student success in assessment and are excited to be adding Cadmus to our portfolio of leading EdTech companies.”

The University of Melbourne, Managing Director, Research Innovation Commercialisation, Ken Jefferd said, “As a foundational shareholder and early adopter of the Cadmus platform, the university is pleased with the development and impact of Cadmus in the higher education sector.

Our investment into Cadmus’ latest funding round demonstrates the University’s ongoing commitment to supporting the creation and growth of new entrepreneurial opportunities created by our world-class researchers, students and alumni.” 

The University of Melbourne, Pro Vice Chancellor (Education), Professor Jamie Evans said, “In the context of increasingly diverse uses of AI in educational settings, the University of Melbourne is actively working with teaching staff to adapt and strengthen approaches to assessment and academic integrity, and Cadmus is a key partner in this transformation.”


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