“It’s a significantly more streamlined experience — everything is delivered in one place. ”

Andrew Zur

The University of Melbourne
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Why did you choose to use Cadmus?

I always start with the student experience. I am constantly modifying and improving the course to make the students' experience better. With Cadmus, I saw the opportunity to enhance the student and learning experience. I've kept using Cadmus because the feedback I've received is positive so I know it's working for students.

How did you use Cadmus?

Before Cadmus, we put the materials in the Learning Management System. Students would download a Microsoft Word document, do their work, then upload it to Turnitin.

With Cadmus, everything is delivered in one place. It's a significantly more streamlined experience and makes it easier to provide tips, hints, and guidance. Ultimately, Cadmus helps me to support my students better.

How did your students respond?

The students were very positive - they picked it up really quickly. They could see the benefits of having everything in one place. This seemed to make students more aware of what they needed to do. I didn't have any questions from students about what to do, or where to find information.

One feature I found really useful was drafting. This helped me engage students and definitely reduced the number of support emails I received. I could easily assist students, which was ideal for complicated research essays. This also reduced the class time dedicated to the assignment. We could use the time to focus on learning activities, rather than administrative tasks.

How did your teaching change?

The most significant change for me was the reduction in administrative cost. Since everything was in one place, and we received the Learning Analytics emails, I was much more confident that students were engaging with the task. This meant we didn't have any questions about the assessment, which was a huge change.

The other beneficial thing was the consistency in submissions. Every assignment had the same formatting, which had a large impact on marking efficiency.

Would you recommend Cadmus to a colleague?

Absolutely! It's worked well for Management and Marketing and is great for individual written assignments. It definitely cuts down your admin work if you set it up well. I think I've seen whole tutorials that could be replaced with a Cadmus Assignment! Ultimately, Cadmus has helped my students develop their writing skills and achieve really positive outcomes.

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