“Once I started using Cadmus my thinking shifted from focusing on the final product to the process.”

Lois Balmer

Edith Cowan University
Portrait of Lois Balmer

Why did you choose to use Cadmus?

Teaching a subject with lab work meant that students were completing work in their lab books. This meant I had to carry around student lab books, mark them in a week, and get them back to students whenever I wanted to provide feedback. Cadmus presented an opportunity for me to streamline this workflow. Ultimately, it allowed me to take my assessment online.

How did you use Cadmus?

Before Cadmus, I had students complete their assessment in a workbook. To give feedback or see how they were going, I had to have them hand in their book and review each individually. I was also limited in how I presented students with information in the workbook.

With Cadmus, I moved it online and broke the assessment into 3 tasks. I presented the information as it would appear in a journal and gave more targeted support to students.

How did your students respond?

Student’s responded really positively. I sent out surveys and found ~70% of them wanted to use Cadmus again.

How did your teaching change?

I felt like I was much more effective with my teaching than ever before. Once I started using Cadmus, I went… “huh, they don’t know how to do that.” My thinking shifted from focusing on the final product to the process. Until I was encouraged to scaffold students through the task, it hadn't occurred to me that they may not know how to do some of the parts of a lab report. Instead of telling students to add a legend or annotate an image, I showed them how to do it. With Cadmus, it was really easy to guide students to develop these skills. I saw a big improvement with all but 2 students improving throughout the semester.

Would you recommend Cadmus to a colleague?

I would recommend Cadmus for anyone that does lab based work. It’s a really good tool to improve what we want from students. It will encourage you to develop extra resources to support your students.

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2nd year

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Medical Science

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Lab Report

6.5 %
increase in student success rates

73 out of 75
students demonstrated improvement throughout the semester (based on grades)

80.7 %
of students rated their experience as good to excellent

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