“We have 2000 students and it definitely helped. Our teaching team had a positive experience and students benefitted.”

Trisha Downing

The University of Melbourne
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Why did you choose to use Cadmus?

I had been to an assessment workshop run by the University and was looking to implement best practice assessment design. Cadmus ticked all the boxes. Students can access it anywhere, it saves automatically, it's all in one place, and it worked well with my ideas around the task-brief structure. The consistency in submissions and formatting was also a positive — with 2,000 students this can be a real issue!

How did you use Cadmus?

Before Cadmus, we would deliver the task in the Learning Management System. Student's would have to find all the information themselves — we got lots of questions!

With Cadmus, we could scaffold in all the information. Previously it would've been 5 or 6 documents that students would need to find and use as they worked through the task. Now it was all available in Cadmus.

How did your students respond?

Overall, it was very positive. Students liked the clear layout and how everything they needed was in one place - students were able to locate the resources without needing to ask the teaching staff. The second part of this task was a self-reflection, and we saw lots of comments from students about how Cadmus helped them. A lot of students also commented on how they could manage their time better and used checklists (we didn't have these before Cadmus!).

How did your teaching change?

We have a teaching team of 13, and no one said it was hard to use — this was a first! The consistent formatting of submissions made it clean and easy to read. This made it easier to mark. The Learning Analytics helped us manage the process, pick up on academic integrity issues, and answer questions like, "Why didn't this student submit?" I know I've said it before, but we received less basic questions like "Where do I find…?" This saved a lot of time!

Would you recommend Cadmus to a colleague?

I would recommend it to everybody! We have a huge cohort and it definitely helped us. I haven't seen many tools capable of doing this. If you put in a good assignment, Cadmus will help you facilitate it. You'll really be helping your students. Overall our teaching team had a very positive experience, and it was very beneficial to the students. I haven't had many experiences with new technology that have been this good.

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