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Our Teaching Guides are designed to give you the ideas and strategies you need to elevate your teaching and improve student learning.

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At Cadmus, we're committed to improving the way we support teachers in delivering better assessment. This involves developing the tools that allow teachers to create and manage assessments easily, and it also involves empowering teachers with the pedagogical knowledge and resources they need to develop as educators.

We understand how challenging it is to stay up to date with new teaching trends and techniques; especially for busy academics. You shouldn't have to be reading the latest teaching and learning journals to know how to improve. So it's with these ideas in mind that we created our Teaching Guides.

They're designed to break down important learning theories and practices into digestible actions for you to implement in your assessments.

By helping you understand the principles that underpin effective teaching and learning, we hope to create a community of teachers equipped with the skills needed to enhance student learning. You'll find ideas for improving engagement, providing feedback and taking your Cadmus Assignment to the next level.

All our guides are available in the new Guides section of the website, as well as accessible through the Teacher Environment. You'll now see tips throughout Cadmus, directing you to specific guides at relevant stages of your workflow. We hope you get plenty of ideas and inspiration from our guides. This is just the beginning, and we plan to add plenty more resources to support your teaching.

Wondering where to start this wonderful journey of teaching discovery? You can't go past What is 'Best Practice' Assessment?

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