Looking to the future: technology’s role in higher education challenges

As the university sector emerges from the pandemic with new tools for teaching and learning, our latest survey reveals the key challenges faced as we head back on campus.

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Learning technologies will play an essential role in post-pandemic challenges of change management and upholding academic integrity as universities continue to shift away from invigilated assessment.

The Cadmus Learning Technology Report 2022 revealed the three biggest challenges facing universities that learning technology could support were change management, academic integrity and administrative workload.

These challenges come as, despite Covid-19 driven restrictions fading, universities look to maintain remote learning and uphold the shift away from invigilated assessment. As Melbourne University provost, Professor Nicola Phillip told The Age:

“Our approach to teaching and learning delivery looks forward to the future rather than back to pre-pandemic arrangements, offering on-campus and face-to-face learning enhanced by the best use of technology,” said Professor Phillips.

With 47.8% of Australians aged under 25 enrolled in a Bachelor’s degree, expectations from future cohorts are changing. Many students that completed high school during the pandemic are expected to have drastically different preferences for learning. What this means is that a new approach to teaching and learning, supported by technology, is needed.

But implementation is key. Our report found that while change management was a priority at universities, customer service and implementation support were ranked lowest when evaluating technology platforms — a clear sign that a shift in evaluation processes to support pandemic fatigued teachers is needed.

Universities should rethink how technology providers can be leveraged to supercharge adoption and onboarding — an area that Cadmus will continue to focus on over the coming years.

There is no silver bullet technology to solve all of the new challenges faced by higher education, but there are exciting opportunities for universities and providers to work together to improve learning experiences for staff and students.

Learn more in the Cadmus Learning Technology Report 2022.

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