New: Time-Limited Assessment

We're excited to be launching new time limits and extensions functionality in Cadmus — making the online exams experience a whole lot smoother.

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With hundreds of exams successfully run through Cadmus this year, and another online exam period fast approaching (ahh!), we want to ensure that our online exam experience continues to improve and evolve for our users. Reflecting on learnings and feedback from Semester 1, we found that being able to support flexible scheduling of time-limited exams was a must — a top request from our wonderful community.

With distributed learners all over the world working across multiple time-zones, flexibility and acccessibility are essential for a great online learning experience.

That's why we're excited to introduce brand new time-limited assessment functionality in Cadmus. Whether it's a 3-hour exam available to students over 24 hours, or an easier way to manage strictly scheduled exams with technology allowances — Cadmus has got you covered. Here's what's new:

Add a time limit to an assessment 

It's as easy as turning on a Time Limit when setting up your Requirements. With time-limited assessments, students will only be able to see their instructions once they start the timer. At the end of the time limit, they'll be redirected to the submission preview page, where they can confirm their submission. Learn more about setting up time-limited assessments.

Students see a countdown timer before being redirected to submit their work
Students see a countdown timer before being redirected to submit their work

Manage extra time and deferred assessments

For students with special considerations, or those learning in other timezones, you can be certain that time-limited assessments in Cadmus will give you the flexibility you need. Easily set extra time requirements for students, or extend due dates to manage deferred assessments or alternate exam times. Learn more about managing extensions.

Set and manage time limit extensions in Cadmus
Set and manage time limit extensions in Cadmus

More information in the class list

We've given you even more insight into student submissions in the My Class page. Toggle between when students submitted and how long they spent working for a quick overview of how students have worked through their final assessments. With Overtime and Late submissions clearly tagged, you'll have all the information you need to make decisions. Learn more about Late and Overtime submissions.

Easily identify Overtime submissions in the class list
Easily identify Overtime submissions in the class list

We can't wait for you to run your first time-limited assessment with Cadmus. If you're ready to get started check out our video on time-limited assessmentsthere's one for students, too.

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