Step Students Through: Scaffolded Assessment With Cadmus

Scaffolding helps students feel supported through an assessment. By designing a learning journey for students to follow in Cadmus, you can guide them towards successfully completing a task.

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Step students through: Scaffolded assessment in Cadmus

With Cadmus, you can step students through an assessment using a checklist of tasks they should follow to complete an assignment. They're a key part of our Templates, providing you with a base process for students to follow.

One of the benefits of using Cadmus is that it’s incredibly flexible. You can set up a scaffolded assessment tasks in a way that works best for you and your students. If you’re not sure where to start, the example below can give you some ideas.

Abena’s Scaffolded Assessment Design

Abena teaches a 1st-year Geography class with 203 students. Abena wants her students to complete an annotated bibliography to develop their research, writing, and critical thinking skills. She decides to do this by guiding her students through a task-based process, breaking down the stages of creating an annotated bibliography into clear steps for her students to follow.

To do this in Cadmus:

  1. Abena sets up her Cadmus Assignment in the LMS using the Annotated Bibliography template.

  2. She adapts the scaffolded checklist in the Annotated Bibliography Template to suit the specifics of her task

  3. She adds in assessment details and key resources, before releasing it to students

  4. In class, she uses specific tasks on the checklist to prompt learning activities to further support students

  5. Abena uses the Cadmus Progress Reports to find out how her students are engaging with the assessment

  6. Students submit a detailed plan for their annotated bibliography through Cadmus

  7. Abena and her tutors review the submissions through Cadmus and provide individual feedback during tutorials

  8. Students continue to develop their annotated bibliographies using the feedback they have receive

  9. Students submit their final piece through Cadmus

  10. After submission, Abena and her tutors grade and deliver feedback to students through Turnitin

However you decide to use scaffolding in your assessment, we’re sure that Cadmus can help to simplify the process.

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