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Our Support Team help our users get the most out of using Cadmus. Learn more about how they work and their commitment to continuously improving experiences.

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Support at Cadmus

If you ask any of our users what their favourite thing about Cadmus is, most of them will say the support. Our Support Team is at the heart of this, delivering thoughtful and accessible support to teachers and students worldwide. So far, we’ve managed to maintain our exceptional support services as we’ve grown, setting ourselves apart from other edtech businesses out there.

Our approach to Support

We approach support using the same human-centred principles we apply right across the business. We start with deep empathy for our users. We know that trying a new learning tool can be a big commitment for teachers and that assessments are a stressful time for students. That’s why we want to make it enjoyable and straightforward to get started, and quick and easy to seek support.

This means collaborating with our Product Team to continually evolve our platform,  leveraging technology to streamline processes, and finding new ways to provide more value to users — all while maintaining a personal touch at every interaction. It’s important to note that our support expands beyond the simple how-tos of using the platform. We also help academics improve their teaching practices more broadly, and students build lasting learning skills.

Our Support Team goals

Above all else, we want every teacher and student to have a great time using Cadmus. While our processes to date have been effective, like face-to-face (now virtual) onboarding sessions, we need new ways to support our quickly growing user base. 

This includes building more scalable training and onboarding experiences (tutorials, video guides, and more!) that users can access in-app and from our website. We want to take everything we have learned about great assessment and make it extremely easy for teachers to apply independently. Check out some examples here.

To support this, we’d love to create a vibrant online community where passionate users can connect. We know plenty of academics that would love to share and learn from one another; it’s just a matter of creating the right space.

How we work together

Our Support Team is an important link between Cadmus and our users. We’re always getting valuable feedback to inform product development, marketing, and business strategy. On top of our day-to-day support responsibilities, we also allocate time to work on cross-functional projects that make our support offering better. These might involve releasing a new product feature, trying a new onboarding structure, or hosting community events.

Living by our values

Our company values reflect who we are as individuals and collectively as a team. Here are some of the ways our values come through in our day-to-day.

Show you care

Kindness and compassion are at the heart of all our support interactions, and we treat all our users with respect. It’s a rewarding feeling. All the love we put out seems to come back to us ten-fold. 

Do it with quality

Whether it’s an onboarding webinar or a reply to an email, we strive for the best in our work. We’ve learnt that the details matter, especially when our support materials get hundreds of thousands of views!

Love learning

Sharing our assessment design knowledge is part of what we do, but we also love learning from our community of academics and universities. Their innovative research and practises help to improve our product and knowledge.

Some recent wins

  • Building out our Template Gallery to provide more academics with easy access to best practice assessment designs

  • Adding more in-app learning support for students, through targeted academic skills guides in Cadmus Manual

  • Expanding our range of professional development webinars to help teachers improve their practices

The best bits

Constantly connecting with teachers all over the world has got to be up there for our Support Team. Days are often filled with great minds, inspiring conversations, and impactful assessment design. Working closely with teachers to redesign assessments, and seeing the improved student outcomes that result is pretty incredible, too. It’s evidence that our platform and support are having a real impact on education.

Here are a few nice things we’ve heard recently:

  • “The team were friendly, helpful and offered first-rate support. In turn, I was able to provide far better support to my students"

  • “Cadmus Support was so helpful and friendly. They shared great ideas to address my questions.”

  • “They came back to me quickly, addressed all my questions, and made me feel confident going forward.”

If you're interested in joining our Product Team or learning more about other areas of the business, head to our Careers page for more information.

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